Full & Round 

This debut collection is introspective, cerebral, and familiar. From biting cultural critiques on class, race, and gender to poems about easy like Sunday morning love, Full & Round offers a balanced perspective on the “lived” experience and our shared humanity.

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Full & Round Playlist

Music plays a major role in Toya’s development process and she enjoys music from a wide range of genres.

The Full & Round playlist on Spotify was specifically curated to compliment the collection. So pull out the book and turn up the tunes.  Click here to listen.


Discussion Questions

  1. The author describes the title of the collection, but what does the title of the collection mean to you?
  2. What is your favorite poem from Full & Round? Why did this poem stand out and or resonate with you?
  3. The author expresses a range of observations throughout the collection, after reading the collection, what feelings did this collection evoke in you?
  4. Do you feel like the collection lives up to the title?
  5. Full& Round is divided into three parts, why do you think that is?
  6. What themes are emphasized throughout the collection? What do you think she is trying to get across to the reader?
  7. What are your observations about the ways in which women and or feminist themes are referenced or depicted throughout the collection? Does this differ from how men are referenced?
  8. What do you think the cover art is about? How does the cover art reflect the themes in the collection? If you don’t think it does, what would you depict on the cover if you were the editor?
  9. In reading the collection, did certain poems make you uncomfortable? If so, why did you think you felt that way?
  10. The author provides notes to help the reader understand certain references, did you learn anything new as a result, if so what?
  11. What did you find surprising about the historical facts or references introduced in this collection?
  12. As a whole, in what ways does the collection reveal evidence of the author’s worldview?


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